Data Monitoring

In this age of the internet of things, Star Refrigeration has for some time recognised the importance of data. It is for this reason we invested in using real time data for the optimisation of refrigeration plants. Drawing on Star Refrigeration’s 50 years of industry experience, a new business unit, Star Data Analytics (SDA), was set up to fill a gap in the market for strategic insight data services. A team of award-winning senior refrigeration consultants, field engineers and software engineers joined efforts to develop Ethos, a one-of-a-kind bespoke data driven analysis software. The performance optimisation provided by Ethos finds ways for end users to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions.

Our standalone equipment collects relevant data from your refrigeration plant by a combination of the following: a data logger with sensors, a network based data logger or a web API. Ethos analysis software then applies the live site data to a ‘dynamic digital twin’ of the cooling or heating plant to measure the gap between the ideal and the actual operating conditions. This enables it to identify problems and suggest corrective actions to reduce energy usage and meet environmental goals. These insights are displayed on an online dashboard, along with energy usage data and equipment performance alerts to warn of any irregular behaviour. They also provide advice on specific and immediate actions to prevent unforeseen maintenance and energy costs.

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Data Collection Analysis

Service List

Data Collection Analysis

SDA has developed the technology to extract data from refrigeration plant and store it in

Ethos Live Remote Monitoring Dashboard
Load Determination

Star Data Analysis (SDA) provides a service to establish the load profile of existing refrigeration

two engineers working at a computer
Energy Optimisation

Star Data Analytics’ award-winning performance optimisation and energy management system Ethos provides unique data-driven analysis


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Client: BrewDog
Location: Ellon, Aberdeenshire
Sector: Brewing and Distilling
Equipment: Ethos Energy Management
Service: Load Determination

Scottish craft beer company BrewDog looks inside the health of their refrigeration system and analyses spare capacity for potential expansion plans with the help of Star Data Analytics.

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Asda drives down energy consumption by 35% since 2010 with the help of Star Refrigeration and City Facilities Management.

Client: ASDA
Location: Various
Sector: Temperature Controlled Storage & Distribution
Service: Energy Optimisation

ethos makes the invisible visible to the customer
asda bedford
ethos energy optimisation bristol
ethos energy and carbon reduction for asda

Strategic insight data services provided by Star Refrigeration’s data monitoring business, SDA, saved Asda 5GWh on energy costs and over 1,100 tonnes of CO2e over the last four and a half years across six sites optimised with Ethos software.

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British Supermarket Retailer

Client: Supermarket retailer
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Ethos helps FM company slash £68,000 off their multinational retailer customer’s annual energy bill.

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The Ice Co Storage & Logistics

Client: The Ice Co Storage and Logistics
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Energy management system Ethos advises the Ico Co Storage & Logistics on £100,000 a year energy savings.

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