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Bellshill Branch

The office was established in 1999. Located just south of Glasgow, the branch covers central Scotland and Northern Ireland, undertaking refrigeration and HVAC installation, service and maintenance work.

Bellshill has seen significant growth in new installations work over the past five years, while delivering ongoing plant aftercare programmes at 50 customer sites.

Customer retention levels at the branch are exceptionally high, with Star servicing 90% of existing customers for over 10 years. With the majority of customers on long-term maintenance contracts, Bellshill serves businesses of all sizes, with a significant number of blue-chip clients on the books which are part of national key account programmes.

The branch is responsible for customers across varied industry sectors, including food and drinks manufacturing, temperature-controlled storage and distribution, data centres, leisure, pharmaceuticals, petrochemical and district heating.

The branch team comprises 20 technical field engineers, plus specialist managers, supervisors, and office support staff. Our team of award-winning refrigeration engineers and the skilled apprentices and trainees who follow in their footsteps – undertaking the company’s comprehensive training and qualification programme- are highly regarded for their knowledge and experience and are ready to take on any challenge, however big or small.

The branch boasts high employee retention, with several supervisors and senior managers remaining with the company after completing engineering apprenticeships with Star more than three decades ago. Recent business growth has led to further expansion of the engineering team at Bellshill. Two new employees are currently going through Star’s fast track engineering training programme and the branch will soon take on a new apprentice.

Star Refrigeration’s branch network

Star’s network of 9 branches across the UK was developed to better serve our nationwide portfolio of customers with the aim of delivering the right services, in the right locations and at the right time. The branches act almost as independent entities -employing over 200 people- and are fully supported by the wider business.

Through this large network Star maintains a highly competitive position, providing businesses with a more focused and cost-effective service that is tailored and personalised to each individual business need.

The highly skilled team provide 24/7 rapid support to customers, endeavouring to respond to all onsite problems within 2 hours of notification.

As part of Star’s leading maintenance service, the branch provide planned preventative maintenance to minimise disruption and downtime for customers with exceptional health and safety standards.

Benefitting from corporate support, the branch offers a vast range of maintenance services, using the latest technology and best practice, including:

  • New Installations
  • Plant Upgrades and Refurbishment
  • Service works
  • Refrigeration Maintenance and condition based monitoring including:
    • Vibration Monitoring and Analysis
    • Ammonia Analysis
    • Thermal Imaging
    • Laser Alignment
  • Temperature Compliance Checks
  • Health and Safety advice
  • Legislative Compliance advice
  • Energy Monitoring and Advice
  • Live Plant Monitoring
  • Capital Planning & Asset Management
  • Fast and reliable Call Out service
  • Digital Documentation Management
  • Chiller Contingency Planning
  • Spares

Gary Beckwith

Maintenance Manager

Tel: 01698 841535

Email: bellshill@star-ref.co.uk

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01698 841535


01698 842074


4 Murray Place, Righead Industrial Estate, Bellshill, ML4 3LP

Branch Manager

Gary Beckwith

Maintenance & Contracts Manager

Steven Watt

Service Supervisor

Christopher Dobbin & Brian Greig

Service Controller

Louise Mcgeough

Branch Administrators

Yvonne Miller & Pamela Rudziks

Sales Manager

Stuart Webb


We’d like to thank you for your continued support over the past year. The quality of service we have received from the Bellshill team has again been first class. We look forward to our continued collaboration to ensure reliable and efficient cooling system performance.


David Morrison 

Maintenance Manager, Greggs

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