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To maintain a comfortable working environment, many buildings require cooling to extract the heat generated through solar gain, people and electrical loads such as IT and lighting. Demand varies throughout the year based on seasonal temperatures and at Star, we have developed cooling solutions that are optimised to deliver the highest possible efficiency all year round. Our solutions are proven to reduce energy costs associated with cooling by 40%.

We minimise the environmental impact of cooling through the use of refrigerants with low global warming potential. The excellent operating efficiency of these fluids not only reduces electricity costs, but also cuts carbon dioxide emissions back at the power station due to low consumption.

Year round peak efficiency is delivered through the combination of market leading technology and control software. Our selection of high quality component and manufacturing techniques ensure long term reliability and a build life of a minimum of 20 years. This gives us the confidence to offer our three point warranty on parts, refrigerant and performance.


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HVAC & Building Services