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''My current role includes maintenance & Service works on various sites nationwide, from DX systems to Ammonia & CO2 plants.''

''I enjoy the variety of work the most & learning how each plant operates & controls differently. Refrigeration is an excellent trade which constantly tests your knowledge & pushes you to improve as an engineer.''

Scott Vardy, Fast Track Engineer

After completing a degree in electrical and electronic engineering while working as a maintenance engineer, Scott decided to transition to the refrigeration industry because it covers many aspects of engineering, He joined Star's Fast Track Training programme for engineers with previous experience and became a fully qualified industrial refrigeration engineer in just 12 months. His current role involves service and maintenance work on large CO2 and ammonia refrigeration system and he looks forward to progressing through the Star ST engineer grading system.

''I enjoy the responsibility of working on my own and being able to make decision’s''

''I find the company very good to work for as you have plenty of support across all departments. Everyone is friendly and willing to help. The role also comes with an excellent benefits package.''

Jonathon Cosgrove, Industrial Refrigeration Engineer – Fast Track

After completing a pipe fitting apprenticeship with Star's manufacturing department, Jonathon decided to complete Star's Industrial Refrigeration Engineering Fast-Track training programme to become a fully qualified cooling engineer within 12 months. His current role changes day-to-day, some days consist of carrying out maintenance checks on customers sites to make sure the plant is operating as efficiently as possible and minimise downtime. Other days he can be fault finding inside a control panel or overhauling a compressor.

''I enjoy the mechanical aspect the most, getting to replace and rebuild complex, multi million pound cooling technology in small time frames excites me and now I have the knowledge to do so.''

Samuel Corlett

''I like the diverse nature of the work and the different sites and locations you visit daily. One day you are conducting planned preventative maintenance on a modern site and the next day you could be rebuilding a reciprocating compressor from the 1960’s.''''

Sam Corlett, Industrial Refrigeration Engineer – Fast Track

Sam worked in the manufacture of commercial refrigeration equipment and was looking to progress into a broader reaching industry that would satisfy his thirst for knowledge. He enjoys the mechanical aspect of his job the most, getting to replace and rebuild complex machines in small time frames, problem solving and fixing issues. His advice to engineers from other disciplines looking to train in industrial refrigeration would be to concentrate on gaining a working knowledge of the vapor compression cycle and not to be afraid to apply your own knowledge from other fields to solve refrigeration problems.

''Big multinational companies in diverse industries such as petrochemical, cold chain and pharma put their trust on me daily.''

''A personal career highlight was being involved in the installation and commissioning of one of Europe’s largest cold stores. My hard work was recognised and I was invited to the industry's national ACR awards ceremony where we won the ‘Project of the Year’ award presented by Jeff Stelling.''

Milo Tolley, Refrigeration Engineer

Milo originally undertook an apprenticeship at a competitor but switched to Star so I could progress my career with Star's trainee scheme. As a fast track engineer, Milo was able to combine a 4 year apprenticeship into just 18 months. A personal career highlight was being involved in the installation and commissioning of one of Europe’s largest cold stores. After completing his apprenticeship he can go on to Star’s 5 level Engineering grading program to improve his competence, take the managerial route or further his education with a university degree while working as an engineer.

''I think the employee benefits are really good, I really appreciate those for example the pension and private medical insurance''

''It was great to learn a new skill set. I completed the fast track training programme in 12 months. I really enjoyed learning about industrial refrigeration engineering whilst also applying my skills as an electrician during site visits.''

Chae Poulsen, Fast Track Engineer

Chae completed the fast track engineering training programme at Star's Aberdeen branch in just 12 months and has progressed to an ST2C engineer. His current role involves going to weekly or monthly maintenance works and services on customer sites. His long term ambitions are to continue working his way up the engineering grading system.

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