''I enjoy the variety of work the most & learning how each plant operates & controls differently. Refrigeration is an excellent trade which constantly tests your knowledge & pushes you to improve as an engineer.''

Scott Vardy, Fast Track Engineer

After completing a degree in electrical and electronic engineering while working as a maintenance engineer, Scott decided to transition to the refrigeration industry because it covers many aspects of engineering, He joined Star's Fast Track Training programme for engineers with previous experience and became a fully qualified industrial refrigeration engineer in just 12 months. His current role involves service and maintenance work on large CO2 and ammonia refrigeration system and he looks forward to progressing through the Star ST engineer grading system.

What is your educational and professional background?

On leaving school I completed a three year apprenticeship as a Welder/Fabricator gaining my NVQ 3 & 2800 technical certificate in Mig, TIG & MMA welding processes.
I later joined a textile manufacturer in 2009 as a maintenance engineer, where I completed a 6 year part time degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering at Sheffield university.

What attracted you to the refrigeration industry and to Star in particular?

Refrigeration Engineering covers many aspects of engineering: mechanical, electrical & chemical. The variation in works is vast which always keeps you fully engaged & motivated.

How was your fast-track training experience with Star Refrigeration?

My fast-track training was very beneficial and taught me all the fundamentals of refrigeration, the way Star operate as a business & what is expected of Engineers who join the company. How fast or slow you complete the fast track programme is solely down to yourself and how much work you are willing to put in. There is no strict timeline for completion therefore if you are excelling it will be recognised and you will be pushed through.

What benefits have you found from your Fast Track?

I have a solid understanding of the refrigeration processes, safety procedures and the structure within Star. I also have a clear route of progression and many avenues on offer in the future.

What does your current role involve?

My current role includes maintenance & Service works on various sites nationwide, from DX systems to Ammonia & C02 plants. I also undertake electrical upgrades and complete system installations to name just a few.

What do you enjoy most about what you have been working on, and what are your biggest challenges?

I enjoy the variety of work the most & learning how each plant operates & controls differently. Refrigeration is an excellent trade which constantly tests your knowledge & pushes you to improve as an engineer. A challenge for me is understanding the control systems within each of our plants & how they operate or how they should be operating to optimise performance. Each plant is different from the next in one way or another and gaining a deep understanding is a challenge that I enjoy.

How long have you been working for Star?
I have been working for Star since 2020

What do you like about working for the company?
The family feel within the branch with constant support. There is also a clear path of progression and lots of opportunities. I have a great relationship with the other engineers which makes work enjoyable.

What type of role are you looking to develop into in the future?

I would just like to keep my options open, I am happy with what I am doing at the minute and as long as I’m improving as an engineer then the opportunities to branch out will come as I progress through Star’s engineer grading system.

What advice would you give to engineers from other disciplines looking to re-train as industrial refrigeration engineers?

If you are looking for job satisfaction, a great team and excellent job prospects then get on board.

Scott Vardy, Fast Track Engineer