Installation & Commissioning

Star have a team of dedicated, qualified and experienced commissioning specialists who are assigned on a project by project basis to ensure new plant is tested, commissioned and set to run in accordance with approved safe procedures, the agreed specification and expectations of the customer.

Each project is assigned a lead commissioning engineer as part of the project team. Each lead commissioning engineer is highly trained with at least 10 years experience in refrigeration systems. On larger projects - Star can support our commissioning efforts on site by utilising additional engineering resource from any one of our local branches across the UK. Our commissioning engineers are qualified to work with refrigeration and heat pump systems with a broad range of primary fluids - ammonia, CO2, HFC systems and other specialised applications. Commissioning performed on-site is done so in a safe, structured manner, following approved procedures and documentation to demonstrate compliance with applicable design and safety codes.

Star have the capability to test and commission our standard chiller products of up to 1.5MW capacity at our manufacturing facility in Renfrew. Standard test procedures exist that can be offered to each customer to ensure that each unit is performing to specification before it is delivered and installed onsite. Options can be offered for witnessed factory acceptance tests (FATs) and noise/acoustic surveys.

Star have successfully installed and commissioned large industrial refrigeration plant and heat pump systems across numerous UK sites and a wide range of overseas locations. Star typically install plant on existing customer sites - while production or operations are still being undertaken or installation can be part of new construction projects, with Star working either directly for the client or principal contractor.

At the installation phase of a project, Star would appoint a site manager who would attend the site to ensure plant and equipment are delivered and installed safely, correctly and in accordance with both specification and programme. Coordination with the customer and trades outside of Star's scope are regular requirements and key to the installation phase being successful. This is one of the site manager's principal duties.

The site manager will manage both Star resources and our site subcontract resources to ensure plant is mechanically and electrically complete to allow the project to move to the commissioning phase in a safe and controlled manner. All our site management team are conducting project work under the CDM Regulations requirements in the UK and any work undertaken by Star - regular in-house audits are arranged to ensure compliance. Our site managers are staff with experience in all industrial sectors and each hold both SMSTS and CSCS Skillcard accreditation as a minimum.


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John Horn

Director of Projects