2017 Roadshow

Star’s 2017 Roadshow were designed to advise refrigeration end users about current industry issues and share expertise which can help them make informed decisions. The free CPD events started at 8.30am and consisted of five seminars followed by Q&A sessions.

There were also opportunities after the presentations for attendees to have one-to-one sessions to discuss particular business concerns.

  • 4 locations across the UK,
  • Helped nearly 200 attendees (end-users, consultants, construction, facilities management, contractors) to make informed decisions about their business future and stay ahead of legislation on F-gases, minimum energy performance standards and legal compliance matters.
  • 5 presentations (all online now, with notes) from 6 in-house refrigeration and heating experts
  • 46 questions answered during Q&A sessions
  • Over 300 one to one customer sessions on F-gas, energy management, heat recovery, energy efficiency and maintenance
  • 107 CPD Diplomas Awarded

“The information gave us a prompt to look at the legislative side of things even further, particularly, the presentation from Dr Dermot Cotter which reinforced the fact that there are further compliance items to look into to stay ahead of ever changing compliance regulations.”
Damien Gallagher – James Hall & Co

“Star is fuelled by a passion for refrigeration, and its people are so passionate about the specialist work they do. You don’t often see that with the majority of refrigeration contractors.”
Gareth Morgan – Gist

“We do believe that Star lead the way when it comes to refrigerants and regulations, so we’re here today to learn what’s new in the industry.”
David Harker – Newsome Ltd

“The presentations are very informative. I’m most interested in hearing about the implications of the F-gas regulations ahead of the 2020 ban and the energy benefits that can be achieved from refrigeration systems as well as the opportunities for networking and getting together with some of the industry and see what’s happening.”
John Scholfield – Arcus FM

The CPD presentations were as follows:

  • F-Gas Regulation Update
  • Improving The Energy Efficiency Of Cooling Systems
  • Plant Reliability
  • Refrigeration Systems, Regulation, Standards and Guidance
  • Waste Heat Recovery & Heat Pumps