"Star offers a clear path to develop and progress in my career."

Chris Bremner, Service Supervisor

Chris transitioned to Star in August 2023 after 14 years as an industrial refrigeration engineer, seeking new challenges and the opportunity to mentor others. His role involves balancing office and on-site responsibilities, supporting engineers, and ensuring safety and efficiency. At Star, Chris has rapidly progressed from a refrigeration engineer to service supervisor at Bellshill, benefiting from tailored training courses aimed at career development. He thrives on problem-solving, mentoring younger engineers, and driving high standards across operations. Chris advises those in the field to stay curious, maintain a positive attitude, and continuously seek growth opportunities.

Can you tell us a bit about your role at Star?

My role is Service Supervisor at the Bellshill branch; this is a dual role split between time spent in the office and on site. I provide first point of contact for our engineers to try and support them in resolving any on-site issues and ensure they are working in a safe and concise manner. It is my responsibility to quote and plan workload as well as carrying out on site activity and setting/driving standards.

When and why did you decide it was time for a career transition / move?

I moved to Star in August 2023 after being an industrial refrigeration engineer for 14 years prior. I felt I was no longer being tested daily and decided a change would serve me well. Moving in to a new role provided me with fresh challenges as well as a route to gain experience within different parts of the business.

Your previous role is different from what you are now doing at Star Refrigeration – what was it that attracted you to Star for the next phase of your career?

Moving from engineer to Supervisor felt like the natural next step so when I was approached by Star for the role it was something I was immediately interested in. I felt I was now in a position to pass on my experience and help develop engineers.

What does Star offer you in terms of developing your unique career path?

Star offers a clear path to develop and progress in my career. I’ve only been with the company a short period of time and already been put through several training courses with more in the pipeline. In comparison to the other companies I’ve worked for, Star provides a lot more opportunities for progressing in to other roles should this be something I’m ever interested in.

What makes you feel good in your job; What are you passionate about? 

I really enjoy the dual role, which allows me to continue problem solving on a daily occurrence as this is something that gives me job satisfaction. Whether it is being on site and fault finding to resolve faults myself or assisting the engineers in arriving at a solution as quickly as possible. I’m also conscious that proper practices are being implemented and that health and safety regulations are being adhered to. My job allows me to do this by driving the standards required.

How do you feel challenged at work?

Star offers opportunities for growth and I appreciate the challenge. I’m particularly excited about taking on more responsibility and mentoring and supporting staff, including younger engineers and apprentices.

Transitioning to a new role in a new company always has its unique set of challenges. In my case, it was mostly in learning Star’s processes and procedures. After a few months of stepping outside of my comfort zone, I’ve gained valuable learning experience that is now contributing positively to my professional journey and my career aspirations.

What advice would you give to anyone who is looking to advance their career in industrial refrigeration?

Make sure you’re adopting a good attitude at work and always willing to learn, never stop asking questions and associate yourselves with people who have a positive attitude. Cultivate habits that can contribute to your performance and be someone who can be relied upon.

Chris Bremner, Service Supervisor