"The Star work-life balance mantra works well for me, especially with two young children and studying in my personal time"

Liam Carver, Refrigeration Engineer

Liam is an ST4 Industrial Refrigeration Engineer at Star Refrigeration’s Newcastle branch, specialising in ammonia/CO2 systems and complex chillers. He joined Star six years ago, drawn by its excellent training and clear career progression paths. Liam quickly advanced from ST2C to ST4 with Star’s support to complete his engineering degree and further professional development. He thrives on tackling technical challenges, ensuring efficient system operations and minimal downtime for customers. Liam values Star's commitment to his growth and work-life balance, encouraging engineers to embrace challenges and advance within the company.

Can you tell us a bit about your role at Star?

I work for the Newcastle branch of Star refrigeration and I’m an Industrial Refrigeration Engineer ST4 grade.

At Star we work on a vast array of refrigeration equipment; this includes large ammonia/CO2 industrial refrigeration systems, complex CO2 transcritical equipment, and large chiller systems. My current role is to service and maintain these complex systems to achieve minimum downtime for the customer.

What was your previous role, and when and why did you decide it was time for the career move?

I previously worked for a large American chiller company in the north-east of England. I decided to leave this company almost six years ago and join Star Refrigeration. The reason for this was that the career prospects at Star offered the greatest potential. There’s a proper progression structure, a variety of roles to move into and excellent management guidance and training.

What does Star offer you in terms of developing your unique career path?

Working at Star has already offered me so much. Star has assisted me with the completion of my engineering degree and will help me in the future to achieve further academic qualifications.

Six-monthly appraisals help to guide my unique career path in the right direction for not only my needs but also Star Refrigeration’s requirements. The Star ST grading system provides the structure and additional training you need to progress.

What were the biggest changes you noticed when you moved from your previous company to Star Refrigeration?

I found the size of some of the refrigeration equipment size daunting. To go from a small chiller system to large plantrooms full of motors, compressors, electrical panels was overwhelming at first. However due to the high quality of the engineers around me, I was able to quickly find my feet during that first year at Star and become proficient in dealing with these large systems.

What has your career progression been and how long did it take you to move onwards and upwards at Star?

When I started with Star nearly six years ago, I was at the grade of ST2C (the bottom of ST2 grading). Since then I have achieved the prestigious grade of ST4. This is a 7 grade increase, so I feel that the progress I’ve been able to make here is significant.

What advice would you give to anyone who is looking to advance their career in industrial refrigeration?

I would advise anyone who is looking to advance their career in industrial refrigeration to take on bigger challenges and don’t be scared to put yourself forward for challenging work. Don’t stay in your comfort zone but find the right management and learning structure to take your career forward and improve your skills and experience.

Why do you feel valued at Star?

Star appreciates my needs to progress with my career development both academically and with work experience. The Star work-life balance mantra works well for me, especially with two young children and studying in my personal time. I feel like I am a highly valued part of the team.

Liam Carver, Refrigeration Engineer