Star Refrigeration backs new campaign to encourage more young people to consider technical careers

Star’s cooling and heating technicians take part in the Gatsby Foundation’s campaign, ‘Technicians: We Make the Difference’, to help raise awareness of technician careers and the various routes into them.

According to recent reports, the UK needs around 800,000 more technicians and apprentices to meet the economy’s demand for practical science jobs to boost innovation and economic growth. Star Refrigeration is supporting the Gatsby Charitable Foundation’s national campaign, ‘Technicians: We Make the Difference’ to inspire young people to consider technical careers across various industries, including industrial cooling and heating.

Technicians are making a difference across society, doing exciting and interesting jobs in almost all industries; from making life-saving vaccines to cooling the data centres that make communications possible across the world. It’s their balance of scientific, engineering, or technological knowledge, along with skills such as attention to detail and critical thinking, that makes technicians special.

Star Refrigeration employs over 100 refrigeration and heating technicians across 11 UK locations and provides technical apprenticeships and fast-track opportunities for young people. Two of the company’s engineers, Sam Gills, and Tom Woolston, who have previously completed Star’s refrigeration engineering apprenticeship, were selected to tell young people aged 11-16 about their fulfilling and enjoyable careers as refrigeration and heating technicians. Their stories have been featured on Gatsby’s new ‘Technicians: We Make the Difference’ website where they both share their experiences as refrigeration and heating technicians to inspire youngsters to consider technical careers.

Sam Gills, Refrigeration Engineer said ‘’I am proud to support Gatsby’s campaign, ‘Technicians: We Make a Difference. It has been a great experience and I am delighted to have been able to share my experience as a cooling technician and encourage others to consider a career in this rewarding industry. Doing an apprenticeship as a technician is a fantastic opportunity for young people because it allows you to earn a salary while gaining valuable experience and working towards a qualification.

Industrial refrigeration is a great trade to work in. Those interested in making the world a more sustainable place must look not further as the cooling sector underpins the delivery of essential components of many of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).”

Research by Gatsby shows that while parents are becoming more supportive of technical education routes and qualifications, such as T-Levels, many (40%) still do not understand what a technician is. Furthermore, two thirds (66%) say their child has expressed an interest in a future career that they know very little about.

Astrid Prado, Head of Marketing at Star Refrigeration said, “Together with Gatsby, we want to help parents and young people learn more about technician careers options and routes available.

Cooling and heating is a key sector for action in the UN’s Race to Zero emissions campaign and the need for qualified technicians is extraordinary. With demand for food, data, medicines and comfort cooling expected to rise in the next few decades to accommodate population growth, there has never been a better time to join this exciting industry”.

Founded in 1967 by David Sainsbury, the Gatsby Foundation is also launching ‘Technicians: The David Sainsbury Gallery’ at the Science Museum from the 3rd November 2022.

Star Refrigeration offers young people apprenticeships in refrigeration engineering to support them on their journey to becoming a technician.

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Star Refrigeration backs new campaign to encourage more young people to consider technical careers

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