Chiller Contingency Planning for Critical Cooling Situations keeps Star Refrigeration Customers Cool

Lewis Brown
Business Development Manager

Star Refrigeration, in partnership with Aggreko, has launched a Refrigeration Contingency Plan Scheme aimed at providing peace of mind for owners of industrial refrigeration plants should the unthinkable happen. 

The Refrigeration Contingency Plan Scheme provides a 4 to 6 hour bespoke response to an emergency situation, with the aim of rapidly re-establishing cooling and minimising disruption to the business operations of a wide range of sectors for which cooling is essential.

In a bid to safeguard temperature controlled distribution, food processing, HVAC, leisure, data centres, pharmaceutical and petrochemical business owners Star Refrigeration has now added to their services Chiller Contingency Plans for critical cooling situations.

Star Refrigeration’s Business Development Manager, Dr. Lewis Brown, who developed and implemented the first Chiller Contingency Plan together with refrigeration customer Campbells Prime Meat and commercial power generation and temperature control partner Aggreko, said, “Every business needs to be prepared for the worst, as there are certain events you just can’t control, such as technical failure or flooding. By working with customers to put a cooling contingency plan in place, we can ensure an appropriate site specific response with the necessary temporary cooling and power equipment in less than 6 hours.”

The Star Refrigeration Contingency Plan is tailored to each customer and site. It includes a full site survey to identify temporary equipment requirements, plant location and capability, and routes for pipework and electrical cables. By identifying and analysing potential risks, Star is able to anticipate, effectively manage and mitigate the consequences of any emergency situation caused by plant room or control panel fire or flood, major plant failure, heat exchanger failure or power failure.

Stephen Sweeney, Campbells Prime Meat Financial Director, said, “We rely on a secure, efficient and robust refrigeration system. We place great importance on our relationship with Star Refrigeration and believe that this contingency plan will give us security and peace of mind to fully focus on maintaining a successful business and growing it for the future.”

“In order to accommodate emergency machinery at our plant in Linlithgow, Star carried out several modifications to the glycol system so that the provisional system can now be connected into the main flow and return headers almost instantaneously with no disruption to our business operations.”

Businesses registered onto the Contingency Plan also benefit from a seamless transition to a temporary cooling solution if needed and priority access to Aggreko and Star Refrigeration’s fleet with an ability to reserve equipment so it is always on standby.

Additionally, the plan covers against potential economic loss associated with loss of cooling, and ensures there are no issues associated with payment and equipment authorisation. Having a contingency plan in place could reduce a business’ insurance premium. Star will also complete an annual review of each site, assessing for changes in layout access and capability.

Lewis Brown added, “A stringent contingency plan that has been developed with the customer, Aggreko, and Star could save businesses thousands in the long run. It’s the easiest way to protect your cooling systems, your staff and your business operations.”

Star Refrigeration will coordinate all activities necessary to produce a coherent, integrated plan and will take care of site remedial works to allow for accessible tie in points to the site cooling infrastructure.

Find out more about how Star Refrigeration’s Contingency Plan scheme has been implemented at Campbells Prime Meat.

You can also find out more by reading Star Refrigeration’s Chiller Contingency Plan leaflet

Chiller Contingency Planning for Critical Cooling Situations keeps Star Refrigeration Customers Cool

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