Star Refrigeration to participate in the 14th Gustav Lorentzen Conference

GL 2020

Group Managing Director of Star Refrigeration, Dr Andy Pearson, will represent the company at the upcoming 14th IIR-Gustav Lorentzen Conference on Natural Refrigerants – GL202, which will take place online from 7th-9th December 2020.

Presenting at the international Gustav Lorentzen Conference, Star Refrigeration’s Dr Andy Pearson will share the findings of his research paper on: ‘Improvements in the Prediction of Energy Performance of Refrigeration Systems’ on the first day of the conference, Monday 7 December at 9:00 am (GMT) in the session on “Systems (2)”.

Initially set to be held from December 7th to December 9th, 2020, at the Kyoto International Conference center and Doshisha University (Kambai-kan and Ryoshin-kan), Kyoto, Japan, the fourteenth instalment of the biannual Gustav Lorentzen conference will now be swapping the auditorium for the Zoom window as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The online meeting will bring together politicians, engineers, experts and researchers to discuss the latest progress in the field of natural refrigerants, with a focus on environmentally friendly and sustainable practices.

As efforts to tackle climate change gain momentum with increasing decarbonisation ambitions and new energy efficiency targets, the cold storage sector has seen a global growing commitment to reduce electrical energy consumption. Dr Pearson’s paper is part of a series of publications that examine the investigation of energy use in cold storage facilities, with an emphasis on the assessment of areas where costs can be saved through the improved maintenance of facilities. The paper focuses on warehouses used for the distribution of food products – particularly mixed-mode facilities.

Such research is crucial at a stage where leaders and experts worldwide are looking at ways to feed their citizens by storing and transporting food efficiently and sustainably.

Dr Andy Pearson, said, “I am pleased to be representing Star Refrigeration at the 14th Gustav Lorentzen Conference, having been a delegate at the 1st, in Hannover in 1994, which was the only time I met Professor Lorentzen. The conference sees scientists and thought-leaders in the industry come together and share their expertise, research and insights in order to further develop and improve the sector’s green credentials”.

“Sharing Star’s knowledge and expertise in natural refrigerants and its focus on reducing energy costs and energy consumption to tackle the global climate change crisis is part of our commitment to sustainability and innovation”.

To find more details about the 14th Gustav Lorentzen Conference and how to register for the virtual event, go to . The organisers have recently issued a statement inviting students to register for free and join an interactive networking session with HVACR professionals to exchange their experiences in the sector on December 8, 2020. However, the Social Tour and Welcome Reception on the 6th of December, and the Technical Tour on the 9th of December have been cancelled.

Star Refrigeration to participate in the 14th Gustav Lorentzen Conference

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