Star Refrigeration sponsors World Refrigeration Day to show #CoolingMatters

Star Refrigeration celebrates World Refrigeration Day

4th annual celebrations highlight the importance of refrigeration to sustainable development goals

This year’s World Refrigeration Day on 26th June 2022 will see the hosts team up with industry sponsors including Star Refrigeration to celebrate the essential role refrigeration plays in maintaining a healthy, safe society. The 2022 theme will be #CoolingMatters and the day aims to raise awareness of refrigeration’s importance in multiple areas, from medicine and food preservation, to lifesaving comfort cooling and data storage.

One of the event’s campaigns will be ‘Cooling Keeps Food Fresh’, which will see the United Nations Environment Program OzoneAction, Chefs4thePlanet, and Global Food Cold Chain Council come together to outline refrigeration’s part in protecting human health and the environment. Leading global chefs have signed up to provide helpful tips to consumers that will help them prolong the life of food and understand how food waste contributes to climate change.

Food stability is a major issue and reducing waste is one of the biggest challenges we face. . Emissions from food waste contribute significantly to global warming at a level nearly equal to those from road traffic. Refrigeration is critical to tackling the issue by ensuring the supply of fresh and frozen foods globally . It enables us to feed more people and meet the global population growth challenge, while lessening impact on the climate.

Whilst often unheralded, refrigeration is one of the most significant engineering innovations of the last century, pivotal to modern life. During the pandemic the technology was an essential tool used to preserve lifesaving Covid vaccines, ensuring they could be distributed worldwide.

Dr Rob Lamb, Group Sales & Marketing Director at Star Refrigeration, said, “World Refrigeration Day is raising the profile of the cooling industry internationally. As we look to reduce our environmental impact, it’s vital that more people understand the role cooling can play in conserving energy, preserving food and medicines, reducing food waste and insecurity and protecting data centres and buildings from overheating. Innovative thinking around the design and efficiency of cooling/heating equipment will be critical to the society’s future sustainable development as well as the decarbonisation of the economy, and raising awareness will attract diverse talent to the industry to help meet those targets.”

As well as sponsoring the event, Star are organising a photo competition among their staff to celebrate WRD, and will post pictures from the campaign using the hashtag #CoolFood to the company’s social media.

On the day, businesses from around the world will unite to take part in a series of events that will be promoted online. Aimed at highlighting the importance of refrigeration, 2022’s event will also focus on building a better cold chain and promoting efficiency within the industry.

World Refrigeration Day is held on the birthday of the founder of the Absolute Temperature Scale, Lord Kelvin, known as the father of thermodynamics. His pioneering work laid the foundations of mechanical refrigeration and enabled the birth of the modern refrigeration and heating sector in the 20th century.

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Star Refrigeration sponsors World Refrigeration Day to show #CoolingMatters

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