Star’s natural solution for retail cooling

Astrid Prado
Marketing Manager

Star Refrigeration has launched an energy efficient carbon dioxide (CO2) cooling system for the retail market.

Star’s Envichill DX is a futureproof natural refrigerant solution for retail stores, supermarkets and temperature controlled storage facilities. Typical applications include chill rooms and produce chambers in distribution centres, as well as chill/dairy cases in retail stores.

Envichill DX is an energy efficient cooling system that enables end users to reduce their carbon footprint. Operating on natural CO2 refrigerant, this environmentally conscious system has zero impact in terms of global warming and ozone depletion.

Envichill DX is a single stage transcritical CO2 package designed for single, high temperature applications. System capacities range from 20kW to 250kW to meet specific cooling requirements.

Each Envichill DX package is built and tested at Star’s Glasgow factory and includes multiple transcritical compressors, CO2 gas cooler, electrical panel and controls. All equipment is mounted on a welded steel frame and can be located internally or externally, with optional weatherproof housing.

Star is a market leader in natural refrigerant technology, with unrivalled technical knowledge and over 20 years experience in CO2 system design and aftercare. Every CO2 system is manufactured from the highest quality components to ensure ultimate build quality and longevity.

Star’s Envichill DX is the latest in a wide range of bespoke CO2 solutions for varied applications; including retail, temperature controlled distribution, food freezing, air conditioning and IT cooling. Star’s first retail CO2 plant was installed in 1992.

Star’s natural solution for retail cooling

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