Star Refrigeration announces Scottish Roadshow in Glasgow and Aberdeen

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Astrid Prado
Head of Marketing

Engineering experts will lead two half days of CPD seminars and Q&A sessions in Aberdeen and Glasgow which are free to attend.

Following on from the company’s previous Roadshow success, Star Refrigeration has announced it will be delivering the Star 2022 Roadshow in Scotland. The events will help local operators and owners of industrial refrigeration and heating equipment improve operating efficiency, learn about the latest developments in technology and ensure compliance with changing regulatory and legislative requirements. The first Roadshow location will be Aberdeen on 14th June and then Glasgow on 16th June. Both are free to attend and include CPD seminars on current issues, breakfast, lunch, networking and site visits opportunities for attendees.

The 2022 Star Roadshow is ideal for those working in cold storage, food and drink manufacturing, HVAC, ice rinks, pharma and petrochemical industries. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in the innovative talks and there will be time to discuss your own specific topics with experts during one to one sessions.

Calum McKenzie, Scotland Regional Manager, said, “Our 2022 roadshow aims to deliver quality advice and training to businesses within the industries which rely on industrial cooling. We are at a crucial time for future planning in the face of the challenges of climate change and staggering rising energy costs. Star’s experts are part of the international conversation and can help businesses across Scotland with topical issues such as f-gas regulations and phase outs timelines, net zero targets and legislative compliance”.

Star will be sharing knowledge and practical advice on the current issues facing the cooling industry. Star are inviting attendees to recommend topics they would be interested in to ensure operators get the most out of the event, and receive valuable insights to improve their businesses. Feedback can be recorded when booking a place online. Star’s team will then tailor the content of the sessions to include the most popular topics.

The European Commission’s recent draft F-gas revision proposal published on 5th April 2022 is likely to be a hot topic for businesses using heating and refrigeration plants. The phase-down of F-gas refrigerants is due to be accelerated and this will continue to impact businesses as we approach 2030.

Star have planned seminars around the refrigerant phase-out and legislative compliance, future refrigerants available to users, heat pumps and advice on improving refrigeration plant energy performance and working toward net zero targets. Issues and concerns raised by attendees on registration will be incorporated to the seminars and included for discussion during the Q&A sessions.

Calum McKenzie said, “Essentially, the Star Roadshow is created for customers and end-users and we expect they get valuable practical advice and hands-on tips to improve both the energy efficiency and compliance of their business. It is important to us that we receive feedback and suggestions for the content of the seminars, so attendees can really get the most out of the day”.

The Star 2022 Roadshow takes place on 14th June 2022 at Curl Aberdeen, Aberdeen and 16th June 2022 at the Best Western Moorings Hotel, Glasgow from 9 am to 1.30 pm. Both events are free to attend, but registration must be made in advance.

All attendees will receive a diploma as proof of the CPD training, and there is also an opportunity to book a one-to-one session after the seminars for further discussion customised to each business’s specific needs. A site visit to a local customer site will also be available to interested parties.

To register for the event, visit Star’s Scottish Roadshow 2022 at

Star Refrigeration announces Scottish Roadshow in Glasgow and Aberdeen

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