Star Renewable Energy presents at SR Heat & Bioenergy Conference

Dave Pearson
Director of Star Renewable Energy

Star Renewable Energy’s Director Dave Pearson will identify barriers and opportunities within the heat sector at the Heat & Bioenergy Conference on 28th April 2014 at Perth Concert Hall. The event, the only Heat & Bioenergy conference in Scotland, is set to bring together a variety of industry leaders, investors and representatives from across the heating and energy markets, including a keynote address from the Minister for Energy, Enterprise & Tourism, Fergus Ewing MSP. The programme will give the opportunity to take part in discussions and debates around the broad range of issues that affect both the heat and bioenergy sectors. The conference will also provide an excellent opportunity to network with a diverse range of stakeholders across the sectors. Dave Pearson will be participating as a panellist in the final segment of the day, focusing on the financial and environmental viability of the latest sanctioned industrial district heat pump technology, which can reach up to 90°C – 50% more than the currently used commercial district heat pumps which have recently been commissioned for London. The presentation will aim to raise a debate on planned district heating schemes in the UK which still rely on gas combustion and the feasibility of a “future smart city” entirely heated without combustion. Dave Pearson said: “Any building in the UK which is adjacent to a body of water and needing 500 kW or more can have a solution at 70oC or higher. However, there are several barriers holding back alternative heat becoming mainstream, including derisking projects to allow alternative business models and network costs. I will be discussing these in depth during the conference, as we brainstorm how heat pumps could become the natural choice.” Star Renewable Energy have delivered over 30MW of heating to date, including the design and installation of the world’s largest 90°C district heat pump and the world’s largest natural refrigerant heat pump with zero global warming potential. The case study is available for review at Decarbonising Heat: Maximising the Opportunities for Scotland: Draft Heat Generation Policy Statement for Consultation. The conference will be taking place from 09:30-17:00 in Perth Concert Hall on Monday 28th April. It will be divided into 4 sessions with panellists available to answer any questions. Representatives from Green Investment Bank, Lombard, Sgurr Energy, Scottish Federation of Housing Associations, Forestry Commission Scotland and many more will be speaking at the event. The speakers will be discussing:
  • Financial support mechanisms – exploring key sources of finance for heat and bioenergy projects and how they can be accessed.
  • Making the most of current opportunities – An overview of the main drivers and policy frameworks which support the development of Scotland’s heat and bioenergy sectors.
  • Local authority, housing associations and community projects – The role of local authorities, housing associations and community projects in helping to achieve renewable energy targets.
  • Developing the market – Discussing the barriers preventing growth in the bioenergy market and what can be done to stop them.
To register your interest and view the full programme, please visit About Dave Pearson Dave Pearson is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering with an MBA. He has been working in different roles within The Star Refrigeration Group since 1990, and now leads Star Renewable Energy. His technical and commercial awareness contributed to the successful deployment of the world’s largest district heat pump at 90°C in Norway. Dave’s vision of renewable is one that challenges both the status quo and emerging non-renewable alternatives. Piecing together the drivers and levers from Brussels, Westminster and Holyrood, his vision of heating in medium and large facilities takes into account the most robust measures of sustainability, commercial viability, local and global cleanliness, and macro economics associated with fuel imports. He is as equally passionate about the role these can play in the export markets as passionate as he is about renewable heat, and is currently supporting assessments in several cities around the world, all seeking to move forward from combustion related heating. Another project utilises the 90°C heat pumps for district cooling with the waste heat used for desalination… not likely sought after for the Scottish market!
Star Renewable Energy presents at SR Heat & Bioenergy Conference

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