Star Refrigeration joins World Refrigeration Day in celebration of #NextGenCooling engineers and innovation

Star Refrigeration Sponsors World Refrigeration Day 2023
Astrid Prado
Head of Marketing

The company backs its commitment to ‘Developing Young People’ and the advancement of sustainable refrigeration and heating technology as a proud sponsor of World Refrigeration Day

Star Refrigeration remains a key cool player in this year’s World Refrigeration Day (WRD). Continuing their support for the international event, the company once again will provide sponsorship and technical expertise at industry-led webinars throughout the day. WRD is held annually on 26th June and aims to shed light on the critical role of refrigeration, air conditioning and heating technologies in modern daily life.

World Refrigeration Day 2023’s theme #NextGenCooling focuses on the industry’s commitment to developing young talent and sustainable technology – a role that proves particularly pertinent at this period in time with the reality of global warming and the need for reduced carbon-emitting cooling and heating innovations.

Dr Rob Lamb, Group Sales and Marketing Director at Star Refrigeration said “We are delighted to renew our support for World Refrigeration Day. Awareness campaigns like this are essential to inform world leaders, the general public and future engineers about the significant contribution our industry makes in fighting climate change”

“Encouraging and inspiring young people to consider joining the sector is a particularly important aspect of this year’s theme. At Star, we recognise the immense value of innovative ideas and fresh perspectives that new talent can bring to help us and our customers on the journey towards a more sustainable future.”

There are currently around 15 million people employed in the refrigeration industry worldwide. These include engineers, software developers, researchers, policy experts and executives who collectively provide cooling and heating to support sectors like food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cold storage, and digital data centres. This number is expected to increase in response to population growth and the world’s core temperature rises.

By placing great importance on its people and embracing the company’s strategic core value of ‘Developing Young People’, Star are actively creating opportunities for the next generation of talent to become the driving force that will shape the industry’s future and ensure a sustainable path forward.

Championing the adoption of natural refrigerants through technical research and innovative technological advancements for over 50 years, Star Refrigeration has assisted businesses across the UK and beyond to reduce their carbon footprint by offering advice and insight into sustainable cooling practices. In celebration of World Refrigeration Day, Dr. Dermot Cotter, Managing Director of Star Refrigeration’s consultancy business, Star Technical Solutions, will share his technical expertise in a live webinar organised by the Institute of Refrigeration (IOR). The webinar will delve into the workings of condensers, which are significant contributors to energy consumption in refrigeration systems. The online event, co-presented by Lawrence Leask, Managing Director of Kaizen Energy Consultancy Limited, is scheduled to start at 10:00 am.

Advocating for the promotion of STEM careers from a young age, Anna Flanagan, Marketing Coordinator is also taking part in an Institute of Refrigeration Webinar titled ‘Why STEM? The Search for the Next Generation’. During the webinar, a panellist of women working in the industry will be discussing how to get the message out into schools and careers fairs and will be inspiring young people with stories about their careers in cooling. The recorded webinar is scheduled to go live at 2pm on World Refrigeration Day and a live Q&A session will take place after the recording has finished.

Star Refrigeration also sponsored last year’s World Refrigeration Day. The theme was #CoolingMatters and celebrated the importance of refrigeration technologies in everyday life.

World Refrigeration Day began in 2019 and is celebrated every year on June 26th. Initially, the brain child of refrigeration consultant, Stephen Gill, a former president of the Institute of Refrigeration, it was backed by the United Nations Environment Programme. The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) is also a sponsor. Today, WRD boasts the support of nearly 200 sponsors worldwide, making it a widely recognised and celebrated event.

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Star Refrigeration joins World Refrigeration Day in celebration of #NextGenCooling engineers and innovation

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