Star hosts Emerson & Vilter guests

Andy Pearson
Group Engineering Director

Star Refrigeration recently hosted a visit by Ram Krishnan, (President, Emerson Climate Technologies Refrigeration), Mark Stencel (Vilter Vice President, Sales & Marketing) and Andrew Gurney (Sales Manager at Vilter Manufacturing). Our guests were visiting to inspect the package units which are currently under construction for the Drammen project in Norway. As well as being the “World’s Largest Natural District Heatpump,” the Drammen project was awarded the Emerson Marketing Award as part of their “Never Been Done Before” campaign. With coverage on CNN, in the Wall St. Journal and on billboards located in international airports such as JFK, Frankfurt AM, this recognition is extremely prestigious. To commemorate this event, Ram Krishnan presented Dr. Andy Pearson of Star Refrigeration a plaque with a copy of the graphic used. Referring to the common desire to make Neatpumps available across the world, Ram commented, “You will have 100+% commitment to make this relationship a successful one.” Andy remarked, “It is already clear that Emerson are enthusiastically supporting Vilter to consolidate their role in the huge market of high pressure ammonia heat pumps. Star Refrigeration continue to explore new territories and processes where it is no longer economically sensible to burn fossil fuels just to heat or dry. The range of Star Neatpumps can quite easily deliver savings of 40% versus gas combustion, and we are very pleased to be leading in this market. The employment opportunity that this expansion will create is enormous.” For further information on the Neatpump, click here. To read the Emerson article in full, click here.
Star hosts Emerson & Vilter guests

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