World’s largest zero carbon 90°C district heat pump opens its doors

Dave Pearson
Director of Star Renewable Energy

A small group of people led by Star Refrigeration will get exclusive access to the largest natural fluid district heat pump in Scandinavia. The 14MW renewable district heating installation, located in the city of Drammen in Norway, raises the technology bar to “harvest” heat from the freezing waters of the fjord and boost it to 90⁰C for heating the buildings of the city. Director of Star Renewable Energy, Dave Pearson, will be conducting the tour and providing an insight into the technology used, the implications of the design from a practical perspective, and the challenges involving the delivery of a large scale heat pump with a COP of over 3. The programme will include participative discussions aimed at exploring avenues and opportunities to replicate the successful deployment of this type of green technology in the UK: “Our Neatpump heat pump technology could heat any large building in the UK. Ideally suited to those with a heating bill over £100k/a, we believe sources of heat are widespread across Britain – we just need some joined up thinking,” says Dave Pearson. District heat pumps for residential and commercial buildings are becoming increasingly popular due to the high percentage of energy used for heating in UK – over 50% – and the increased level of environmental awareness within society. A few spaces are available for the tour. Meet the people who made this possible, visit the installation and discover the world’s largest ammonia heat pump at 90oC by taking part in this fascinating technological adventure. To join, simply contact Dave Pearson directly. For more information on district heat pumps, click here. About Dave Pearson Dave Pearson is an expert in renewable heating and has spoken on several occasions on natural district heat pumps at various events, including Scottish Renewables Annual Conference and their Heat & BioEnergy event, the UK District Energy Association, and a number of universities around the country. Dave’s heatpump blog consists of entries themed on Abba, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Father Ted and Captain Caveman. A “seriously light hearted review” of this emerging industry.
World’s largest zero carbon 90°C district heat pump opens its doors

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