Star Technical Solutions discusses Path to Net Zero in the cold store sector at TICR webinar

Dr Dermot Cotter will present research findings on how to reduce energy consumption and maximise efficiency in cold stores as part of the TICR consortium project

The Institute of Refrigeration (IOR) is hosting a webinar this morning (7th November 2023) to explore the most recent findings from the Transport Industrial Commercial Refrigeration Research Project (TICR).  The project, which is led by London South Bank University and funded through the Net Zero Innovation Portfolio (NZIP) by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, aims to decarbonise the industry by identifying innovation levers to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Dr Dermot Cotter, MD of Star Refrigeration’s consultancy company, Star Technical Solutions, will present findings from recent independent site investigations conducted at temperature-controlled storage companies around Britain, at a free webinar today.  The presentation will focus on emissions reduction initiatives and will give attendees a vital opportunity to explore policy changes and formative programmes that could help refrigeration contractors design and implement energy-efficient technology.

Dr Cotter’s investigations highlight the urgency of not only harnessing innovative technology but also ensuring its optimal application and integration for high energy efficiency. His research across eleven types of temperature-controlled facilities in the UK will uncover inefficiencies in the use of modern refrigeration technologies and highlight the substantial energy-saving potential that remains untapped.

Dr Cotter said, “ While many facilities are deploying modern technologies, there are critical gaps in how the technology is being used, which leads to inefficiencies and missed opportunities for operational savings.

Our evaluation across a range of technologies, including direct and pumped ammonia systems, ammonia LPR systems with CO2, and HFCs freezers, has revealed a critical need for expertise in design, installation, and maintenance. These competencies are essential to maximise the potential of modern technologies and achieve substantial energy efficiencies.”

The study was part of the first phase of the TICR research project which aims to present recommendations to the UK Government as to how to best achieve net zero targets. During the webinar, Dr Cotter will focused on sharing insights from these findings and highlighting case studies that demonstrate how inefficient integration and application of technology have resulted in energy wastage.

Dr Cotter said, “Technology, like inverters, is available and is being installed – but as they’re running at a fixed speed, they may well not be running in the first place. Too many individual components are running independently, causing facility owners to miss out on significant energy savings. Automated optimisation systems can help to rectify this by identifying areas of excessive power consumption,”

Another example will include a poorly executed project of a retrofit completed between 2021-2022,  that led to suboptimal condensing temperatures of 43 degrees Celsius in a 14 degree ambient environment, causing a 31% increase in electricity consumption.

Cotter’s presentation is timely, as many facilities that run similar inefficiencies will fail to meet the tariff’s for the Government’s current climate change criteria, which offers financial incentives for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. He will additionally discuss how the findings demonstrate that a cultural shift will be necessary to reach net zero emissions within the cooling industry, as while technology exists that can optimise energy usage, adopting it will require tackling several issues, including a lack of competence in design, installation and maintenance.

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Star Technical Solutions discusses Path to Net Zero in the cold store sector at TICR webinar

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