Star Sponsors IOR’s Women in Engineering Event

Astrid Prado
Marketing Manager

Star Refrigeration is proud to sponsor a special women’s engineering event organised by the Institute of Refrigeration and Women in RCHAP. The exciting career development day aimed at female engineers and non technical women working within the industry takes place on June 23rd, which coincides with International Women in Engineering Day. The women’s CPD day is hosted by Cool Concerns in Tywning, a training centre founded by past IOR president Jane Gartshore who was named as one of the “Top 50 Influential Women in Engineering” by the Daily Telegraph, last year. The career development day is open to all women in the RACHP industry (Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pump). The IOR event will consist of two sessions – a practical training session offering hands-on technical refrigeration experience, and an interactive course to help delegates further their career in engineering. In a male dominated industry, events such as this are important to encourage more women to become engineers and ensure female members of the workforce are reaching their full potential. Rob Lamb, Group Sales and Marketing Director of Star Refrigeration said, “We are proudly supporting this Women’s Career Development Day as one of the largest temperature controlled engineering companies in the UK. The Women’s Engineering Society states that just 9% of the current British engineering workforce is female, and only 6% are registered engineers or technicians. The industry needs to come together to address the imbalance and encourage more women into the sector. A diverse workforce is essential to any organisation to promote innovation and achieve profitability as access to a diverse range of perspectives and ideas open the door to a broader variety of solutions.” Delegates have a lot to gain from the Women in RACHP network which will be running the training sessions. All attendees will receive an IOR CPD certificate and the take away of professional hands-on industry training. In addition to access to Star Refrigeration’s training website which will offer free enrolment into a selection of CPD certified eLearning courses on Refrigeration, CO2, F-gas regulations and Pressure Testing. Delegates will receive a goody bag with lunch and refreshments also provided. The event offers an excellent chance to network with other like-minded people working within the industry. International Women in Engineering Day is held annually on 23rd June to celebrate women’s achievements in the sector and encourage more girls to pursue an engineering career. Last year over 550 events were held on the day to recognise the occasion, and 350 UK schools got involved. Due to the practical nature of the IOR/Cool Concerns CPD day, places are limited and women from the RACHP industry who are interested are encouraged to book in advance. Delegates can reserve a place on the IOR website. To find out more about the Careers Development Day go to: International Women in Engineering Day takes place on 23rd June 2017. For more information about it and to get involved, visit:
Star Sponsors IOR’s Women in Engineering Event

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