Star Renewable Energy to increase team

Dave Pearson
Director of Star Renewable Energy

After a period of sustained activity increase, the recent confirmation of the Renewable Heat Incentives and the pending publishing of the Heating and Cooling Strategy of the European Commission, Star Renewable Energy plan to increase our team focussed on large heatpumps.

Our technical capability is proven over 4 years at Drammen, where the district heating company dropped their flue emissions by 85%, operating costs by 80% and carbon footprint by 85%, whilst enjoying uptime of 99.3% over winter – all by harvesting cool water from a fjord.

However, our market reach to target UK markets of universities, airports, shopping centres, social housing and district heating would benefit from more specific UK customer knowledge.

This might be an individual with large gas boiler experience or gas CHP experience, as we believe the market will have to shift away from fossil fuels even if combined heat/power is produced as the grid is decarbonising, leaving fossil fuel combustion outdated. Or they might have other client focussed experience in the aforementioned markets.

A significant capability of large heatpumps is the supply of cooling as well as heating, and with our solutions proven at 90°C, large heatpumps can supply most buildings with limited modifications.

You could say “these are heatpumps, but not as we know it” – but that sounds a bit Star Trekkie!

It’s a brilliant time to become part of a 350 strong team focussed on low carbon heating and cooling and with our new Air Source Unit (65°C and 400kW) being tested ready for exhibiting at All-Energy, the momentum is growing. Be part of it.

To apply, or for further information, please contact

Star Renewable Energy to increase team

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