Star Refrigeration Advocates Low Charge Ammonia as a Compelling Solution at Eurammon Symposium 2018

Astrid Prado
Marketing Manager

Dr Rob Lamb, Star Refrigeration’s Group Sales and Marketing Director, is attending the Eurammon Symposium 2018 in Schaffhausen to promote low charge ammonia chillers as the natural solution for moving away from environmentally harmful HFC gases. Inspired by the symposium title Challenges of the F-Gas Regulation and Eco-Design Directive in 2018 and Compelling Solutions with Natural Refrigerants, the presentation will inspire delegates to consider ammonia as a sustainable and cost-effective alternative.

As an expert in natural refrigerants, Dr Lamb will present a paper about low charge packaged ammonia chiller solutions for small industrial applications on Friday 29th June. The Euramonn Symposium tackles the challenges faced by industrial refrigeration users, centrally the transition to natural refrigerants motivated by the f-gas regulations and the Ecodesign Directive.

Eurammon is a joint initiative of organisations and companies which advocate an increased use of natural refrigerants across Europe and beyond. It provides resources and project support for engineers and end users, as well as being a knowledge pool for scientists, researchers and politicians and organising networking and advocacy events such as the symposium.

Dr Rob Lamb said, “I am thrilled to be invited to present a paper at the 2018 Eurammon Symposium alongside colleagues and industry professionals. It’s incredibly important to Star Refrigeration that we can support more end users to move away from HFCs and make a greener choice, while offering energy efficiency coupled with cost savings. I look forward to meeting other likeminded people at the event and discussing our vast experience with ammonia, particularly low charge ammonia, with other natural refrigerant supporters.”

The paper specifically discusses how investment in low charge ammonia chillers is not only the best choice for the environment, but also reduces the ongoing cost of operation and demonstrates return on investment. Two case studies from Star Refrigeration’s clients are given as examples of how the installation of ammonia plants delivered customer savings, one for food production and one ice rink application.

The benefits of the new ammonia chillers installed at SnoZone Milton Keynes since 2017 have been dramatic. Within the first few months, the site achieved a 53% saving on energy costs which justified the capital cost of installation. The new equipment is more reliable at keeping the low temperatures required for operation, and has removed 700 tonnes of CO2 in the plant’s emissions in first few months, drastically reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

After 150 years of use, ammonia, a natural refrigerant with zero ODP and zero GWP, is still the most environmentally friendly and efficient refrigerant known to man. Even with H&S concerns (which can be mitigated by reducing the charge) and higher capital costs, packaged ammonia systems provide a cost effective alternative and achieve double the efficiency required by the Ecodesign Directive.

The Eurammon Symposium takes place 28-29 June 2018 at Klostergut Paradies, Klostergutstraße 4 CH-8252 Schlatt (near Zurich). More information:

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Star Refrigeration Advocates Low Charge Ammonia as a Compelling Solution at Eurammon Symposium 2018

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